Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Right now...

Right now...

listening to the rumble of the computer motor and the tv in the other room. Silence other than that.
sitting Criss Cross applesauce in my big office chair. (It used to be called "Indian style" but we don't say that anymore.) I nearly always have my legs pulled up, never sitting with my feet on the floor.
drinking Cream. With some coffee in it.
thinking About the things I need to do. The interview I need to complete. The emails I need to answer. Wondering why people are mean. Wishing the election was over. Hoping I don't forget any appointments or meetings coming up. It's getting really busy.
wanting A housekeeper.
needing Nothing. And that's a beautiful thing.
thankful for The trees on our land. In general, Kansas doesn't have a lot of trees. But our property has tons and they're turning vivid colors. The kids and I tried to count them once. We stopped when we reached 500.
wearing Jeans, a black tank, and a fuchsia crocheted shrug. Cute and simple. And a necklace that says "a hope and a future".
praying for answers. That my kids have a good day at school. For my friend who's having a hard time.
feeling Blessed. Grateful. Spoiled. Warm. Content.


Typhoid_Holli said...

You are actually wearing Jeans and a real shirt? :0o


Sarah said...

We are wearing the same necklace today! :)

Unknown said...

What a blessed feeling to not NEED anything. I'm blessed as well. Hope all your prayers are answered today. :)

Leslie Veer said...

this might be my favorite post of yours ever. i love the awareness. maybe i will take a moment and do the same.

Christina said...

Lovely! said...

I love this post and your answers.