Monday, October 08, 2012

The Barn Sale.

Over the weekend was the Kansas Barn Sale.
It's the big one. Really big.

We've been in planning for months.
Countless hours, endless emails and phone calls, meetings, interviews.
It was crazy. And we were so ready for the day to arrive!

It feels very much like planning for a wedding.
The number of details and organizing that goes on behind the scenes is amazing.
I had a team of 5 people helping and there's no way it could have happened without them.

This year our event photographer was Shannon Achilles Photography.

At the beginning of the day I was swamped directing traffic, helping vendors, and answering questions.
I didn't have time to set up my own booth. So I gave 2 of my assistants a crate of random things and asked them to set up my table. (The tent and banner finally got up up later in the day.)
I'm positive they were scratching their heads and laughing hysterically as they pulled the most bizarre junk out of my crate and knew they had to make a display of it.
But they did it! They did a great job of making it all look cute!
Note to self: One Beki can't do 87bazillion things in one morning.

The weather was supposed to be chilly, in the 50's, with a 10% chance of light sprinkles occasionally.
Well it never reached 50 degrees, and rained all day long.
It was horribly cold!!
But that didn't stop over 2000 shoppers from coming to enjoy the sale!
They came from Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, even Arkansas.

I'm still exhausted. I have a terrible cold and am taking breathing treatments.
But this week is all about rest and recovery.
It was totally worth it.
I'm so warmed by the countless raves, smiles, hugs, and kind words!
It was an amazing day.

And it will all happen again in one year.
Check the main Kansas Barn Sale blog for more photos!

How was YOUR weekend?


Unknown said...

I had kind of a bad weekend that included washing my iphone and being sold a replacement phone that was on the lost/stolen list. And I almost skipped the barn sale because I was so mad, but I went anyway and I sooooooo glad I did! Yeah it was cold, but there were some amazingly talented people there showing off their crafts and goodies. It made me smile to see everything. And Brighton got to feed a dog cheerios which he thought was the greastest thing in the world.
And I bought two things for me which I rarely do. It was a great time! I cant wait for next year! Thank you for all your hard work! It definitley paid off!

BlogMaster said...

loved the sale! keep up the good work!

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Looks like it was fabulous. We looked forward to it all year, then some chronic pain issues and a memorial service kept us from being there. Hope you are taking a well-deserved rest!!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Thought of you as I sat in the vehicle in the cold drizzle watching my kids' soccer game Saturday morning. Hated missing the sale (again!) but I just couldn't swing it, especially with the weather. Miss 2 months old probably wouldn't have lasted long in that. :( Next year!

Ladybuggz said...

See that red rocking horse? We have one just like it! (okay, the paint's a little worse for wear from 50 years in a half-enclosed garage, but still. . . .) I have never seen another one before. Our horse gave us years of enjoyment. I would sit in a chair and pretend I was a stagecoach driver, using a long jumprope for the reins. :o)

Amy said...

Love that picture of you and Gina!! It was a great day. Despite the cold and wet. :)