Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Give from the heart.

One of the things The Rusted Chain likes to do most is give.
We're currently giving a portion of our Peace on Earth ornament to Convoy of Hope. (and you guys have provided HUGE for this! Thank you!)

We are so blessed to be able to!
And I kind of think that giving Christmas presents with heart and soul behind them is about the best way you can go.
The recipient is blessed. The creators of these following products are blessed.
It's a win win!

Give from the heart!

Each of the following companies gives back, with every purchase you and I make!
Happy shopping!

Noonday Collection - beautiful jewelry helping women in Uganda.

Scarlet Threads - aprons, ornaments, and jewelry helping artisans in Asia and Uganda.

Live FashionAble colorful beautiful scarves creating a sustainable living for women in Africa.

Nations Outfitters - absolutely adorable women's dresses, promoting modest, good values, and community service.

Project 7 - gum, mints, coffee, water that help Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Quench the Thirsty, Teach them Well and Save the Earth.

Hello Somebody- t-shirts and watches that provide sustainable projects and restorative care to improve the lives of children in need.

Bead For Life- host a Bead Party! Ugandan women have a spirit that begins to shine when they lift their families up. Bead Parties empower women to work hard, send children to school, expand business and create sustainable income.

Kanzi - jewelry, hair accessories, toys, purses, ornaments and more provide sustainable incomes for East African artisans benefitting their families and communities.

FreeSet- tote bags and t-shirts offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade.

ICT S.O.S. - t-shirts and rubber bracelets helping put a stop to human trafficking.

Open Arms Shop - Skirts and scarves using recycled materials, providing refugees with a living wage.

Mercy House Kenya - jewelry, t-shirts, and home decor providing hope and education for pregnant girls and sex trade victims.


Patty Sumner said...

Thanks for listing those... I will check out a few of those...I love uniquely made jewelty...blessings!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Great list - will share! Happy holidays, sweets!