Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jesus loves the little children.

(this went out to our newsletter mailing list last night. Posting it here too.)

This isn't about sales. It's not about jewelry. It's so much bigger.

Our hearts are broken for CT today. Tears have flowed. We've cried ugly.

Only God knows what is going on and why. We don't.

What we do know:
God is the same on our great days as He is on our horrible ones. The SAME.

We are not home yet. This world is just a space for us to pass through. There's something much bigger waiting for us. Something flawless and sunny and warm and wonderful. We are so ready for it.

Our story has been written completely with Mercy's pen. We don't get to write it. We don't get to say who enters our lives and who leaves, or when these things happen.

We just have to love. Give love. Show love. Share love. Speak love. No one ever DOESN'T need love. We do. We all need it.

God brings peace that passes all understanding.
Wishing peace and love to you today.


Unknown said...

Just beautiful. thank you.

Melinda said...

Trying to write through tears.
This hurts my heart so much being a K teacher of special with special needs.
I just can't imagine...

M :)

Toni :O) said...

Love this Beki, thank you for posting. So hard to wrap our heads around such a terrible, horrific tragedy. Been too much sadness lately but our God is so big!

Christina said...

This has brought an entirely new perspective for Advent for me.

The Little Red Shop said...

Indeed! God bless you and you're lovely family. What comfort there is in knowing that this is just earth.

In Christ,

Julie M.

Unknown said...

Well said!

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

As tragic as the senseless act of yesterday is, what is also saddening is the fact that there are so many people out there that do not believe the comforting words you've written...I've probably been listening to the news and reading too many stories....but I'm in disbelief at how the tragedy has been turned into a political/theistic battle instead of staying focused on respecting those that lost their lives and the community of Newtown. It's all so heart breaking. Thank you for sharing.

Wilma Hill said...

Loved your blog post and the picture. This tragedy has touched everybody in America, I believe. I have been collecting the different graphics and prayers that I have been putting in an album on my facebook account. I hope you don't mind my adding your post...

I see a couple disk ideas in your words but I am sure you see them too!