Tuesday, January 22, 2013

7 Great Mom tips you should know!

1. When babies are little, parents start teaching them their body parts. It's fun. "Where's your nose?" and the baby touches their nose. "Where's your hair?" and the baby touches their hair.
But when my babies were little, I threw in some fun ones like "Where's your clavicle?" and the baby would touch their collar bone!
"Where's your femur?" and the baby touches their thigh.
This is super fun for play dates and to convince everyone your child is a genius!

2. Keep crayons in your purse. Any time we're at the doctor's office waiting to be seen, I pull them out and let the kids do art all over the paper bed covering. It keeps them occupied and is a fun surprise when the doctor or nurse finally walks in.

3. Magic erasers really are magic. I have no idea how they work, but keep them on hand to clean EVERYTHING that you think can't be cleaned.

4. There are a lot of fun upbeat pop songs right now that the kids like, but unfortunately they include the word "sexy". It's uncomfortable and wrong for a little kid to be singing "I'm sexy and I know it". So, we change it to "sassy"! Anytime that word comes up in a song, we instantly swap it out.

5. Always keep wet wipes in the glove box of your car. When babies are little, you never know when there will be a diaper explosion or spit up that needs cleaned off mom's shirt.
But even now that my kids are older, we still use them several times a week if I look in my rear view mirror and see a koolaid mustache, chocolate on someone's forehead, or if someone has an unruly cowlick that needs wet down.

6. I always served my kids whole grain bagels with strawberry cream cheese and called them "donuts". "Mommy, can I have a donut?" You betcha!! This worked GREAT. Until they had a real donut at someone else's house and said, "Mommy, their donuts are sooooo much better than your's." But it works for a while.

7. If you have a kid who's afraid of monsters, use your own perfume or body spray and call it "Monster Spray". Many nights I had to grab the Monster Spray and spritz the child's pillow, blanket, and sometimes even the window sill if there were concerns the monster might sneak in that way. Monsters HATE Monster Spray. It repels them. But the baby smells the comfort of mommy all night while they snuggle into their blankets.

Sure, some of these involve stretching the truth just a bit... but I still stand behind them as great mom tips!
Do you have any?


Unknown said...

I especially like the monster spray! My sensitive little guy gets nightmares and this might really help.

My best tip is an old favourite: always try to introduce choice and make the child feel like they have some control in a situation. I use this all the time - you just have to make sure you can live with the choices offered (my husband sometimes gets this wrong: "come with us now or stay here all by yourself" - not an appropriate choice for a 2 year old!) Last night on the brink of a tantrum about bathtime being over, I said "get out now, or in two minutes?" He chose 2 minutes and guess what, tantrum averted, yay!

Anonymous said...

I had a good giggle about convincing your friends your kid is a genius by teaching them clavicle. I totally need to do that. ;)

Sarah M. said...

I love these! When I had a little foster boy, a good quiet church game (around 18+ months) for him was this: empty a spice container that has holes in the top, and put a few toothpicks inside. He could spend a lot of quiet time with that- taking the toothpicks out and then concentrating on putting them back in through the holes in the top. Plus, it helped his coordination!
Also, teach your child some signs beyond the normal please and thank you, that are helpful in public- "Sit" was one that I used a lot! In church, at someone else's house when he's standing on his chair at the dinner table... :)

Alisha said...

I LOVE these!!!! Number 4 couldn't be more true. My six-year-old came home singing that because one of his buddies sings it all the time. We had to have a talk about inappropriate words for his age like "sexy". To rid our son's room of the nightmare monsters we'd make signs with pictures that say "Keep OUT Big Fish". (He had a dream a catfish was going to eat him.) We put it on his door and it worked like a charm. I love how LITERAL their little minds are. I think the monster spray will be a great one for my daughter.

Thanks for sharing. Great tips and a good laugh!

Unknown said...

I've been thinking a lot about lyrics to popular songs these days and how they influence our kids. Great tips.

Julie said...

We also give choices sometimes, but I also be sure to include times where they must obey my word immediately. This is for those times where my 4 year old runs out in the road while taking a walk, or something dangerous is about to happen: when I yell come back, I don't want them looking for a choice. But in many situations the choice tip is really good.

Sara said...

I used to give my sick toddlers Tylenol in the bathtub to avoid spit clean up.

Agree about crayons...also a small cheap photo album with family pics....and cheap stickers from the dollar store in a homemade sticker book.

Dawn Eshnaur said...

OH MY GOODNESS! We had Monster Spray when our kids were little! I just had an empty spray bottle that I had made a label for. It worked on so many nights! Precious memories......

Danielle said...

You REALLY are the perfect mom! :) Love these tips.

Diane said...

I have found that the magic erasers from the Dollar Store, the knock off brand, hold up better than the real ones. I find the real ones rip super fast, but the dollar store ones hold up for a long time.