Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Discount code and Gambling.

We got home late yesterday from a trip to Missouri.
We had another Christmas.

The Man and I had a night away, which was so very needed!
We ate a couple of really nice meals, went to a casino and gambled, drove for hours, talked, laughed, and regrouped with loads of new ideas for The Rusted Chain in 2013.
Sometimes that's just so necessary!

We actually WON money so the trip ended up being free, and the casino paid us. That's a pretty good way to start a year.

But then we went back the next day and gambled away our winnings.
We walked away breaking even. And that's okay. You win some, you lose some!

Today it's time to get back to work, de-Christmasify the house, and fall back into routine.
I'm so grateful for the break though! It was desperately needed.

In the process of de-Christmasifying (isn't that a good word?), we put our entire Christmas section on sale for 35% off.
That's HUGE. If you need an ornament go grab one! It can be stamped with last year on it, or even this year and you can stash it away until you put up your tree again!

Tell me: is your home de-Christmasified yet? 


Trasie said...

Glad you got to get away!
My decorations come down the day after because I have a girl that has a birthday 5 days after. I like to try and seperate the two plus I am not stressed because my house is a wreck on her birthday! :)

Colleen said...

Ours is still all christmasy-we got our tree late and it is still drinking water and I just feel mean taking it down while it is still sorta alive. But we have a birthday coming up too and I can't imagine doing streamers around the I think we will have to de-christmas soon :(

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Decorations came down yesterday afternoon and evening...but the dusting, vacuuming and re-accessorizing awaits, :/

jonahbonah said...

everything christmas was taken down yesterday. i couldn't take another minute of it. LOL

nancypantsgirl said...

We de-Chrismasified yesterday. :) I can't get back into school if Christmas is still up. It's psychological. And I'm very, very psychologically healthy so ya know.

Chad and Jody said...

There was protesting at this house when I said we were going to take down Christmas. So, we all agreed to keep it up for one more week.

Anonymous said...

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