Friday, February 08, 2013

Around here...

~ For a week solid, one of my kids was sick and missed a week of school.
This week, the same story, different kid... missed an entire week of school.

~ I heart sunshine.

~ I heart flowers. Peonies. Sunflowers. I miss them.

~ I've got the February blahs. It happens every year.

~ I'm so happy I painted my studio a bright sunny yellow and decorated it with happy things.

~ This is only the third photo I've taken this month. And I shot it on my phone, through the window, a few minutes ago.

~ We have lots of new jewelry designs coming.

~ We already have big things in the works for the Kansas Barn Sale.

~ I have a speaking engagement next week and I haven't started on my speech. I should maybe work on that.

~ It's super gray and foggy today, but perfect for staying indoors, drinking loads of hot drinks, and being super productive!

~ I think I should start my productivity with another cup of coffee! Cup 1 is for waking up. Cup 2 is for thinking clearly enough to check emails. Cup 3 is for getting to work.

~ But maybe I'll start with a nap....


Non-Stop Mom said...

Oh, it's uber-foggy out there. I had to do the 30 mile run to get the kids to school and it was just ugly. I need to get the jet fuel a-brewin' and then maybe I can become productive too.....

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a gorgeous picture, and with your phone camera to boot! My kids are now young adults but you made me think about the time three of them had chickenpox (I was 8 months pregnant with the fourth)...each of them 2 weeks apart. We were quarantined for 6 weeks straight. I thought I would go insane!

Hang in month it will be like spring! :)


Sarah said...

I'm with you! I'm ready for sunshine and warmer weather. Happy weekend!
Sarah @ This Farm Family's Life

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