Friday, February 15, 2013

Lovey love love....

Quite a few years ago we realized that getting a babysitter is nearly impossible most of the time, and even more difficult for Valentine's Day.
So The Man and I have scrapped any ideas to have a romantic night on Feb. 14.
Instead we do our annual family candlelight dinner!
The kids look forward to it, and we all love it.

We do all foods red and pink.
Spaghetti with red sauce. Red jell-o.
This year The Girl suggested we dye ranch dressing pink to top our salads.
That's what's in the jar. It was.... weird. Of course the flavor doesn't change, but it's still weird.
Pink ranch dressing.

We get sparkling grape or cranberry juice in champagne glasses.
And everyone is expected to use manners. More than normal, anyway.

We had pink cupcakes and a toast.

We have lots of dinners around the table, but eating by candlelight and having fancy glasses brings out the best in everyone.
Aside from one foot on the table and a giggle fest of epic proportions, it went really well!
It's a simple sweet tradition that I hope our kids carry on when they're grown, or at least have really fond memories of.


Barbara said...

What a wonderful thing to do with your family. Hubby & I never went out for V-day when raising our family. Yup, red jello was always on the menu :) Those kids are our Valentines, too!

Anonymous said...

We get out the candles and little boys love it! We also put on Sinatra and have a lovely dinner.
Mrs. B.

Deb@Journey Thru ICE Syndrome said...

A wonderful idea! We've never really been ones to go out on Valentine's Day....I think we'll have to try this next year. Although my son will be 13 next year, I figure I'll have him a few more years for Valentine's Dinner :) - so perhaps we can get the tradition started.

BTW, in Kansas City, we have a chain of pizza restaurants called "The Pizza Shoppe". They serve (& sell) a very yummy PINK garlicky Italian ranch-like salad dressing called "The Pink Stuff". It is so well liked, you can even buy it in many grocery stores around here. You might want to check it out (you can even buy it online) for your next Valentines Day dinner!

nic said...

y'all are my favorite. those kiddos of yours will have such sweet memories of these years.

happy belated valentine's, my lovely girl.