Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zac Brown Band.

Over the weekend we headed off to Missouri to visit family and so The Man and I could have a much needed date night.
We had tickets to see Zac Brown Band!
We love them.

Their opening act was a group called Blackberry Smoke and I loved their image, loved their name, loved their logo.
They were really good too!

It was fun to watch the Grammy awards a few weeks ago and see Zac Brown Band win.
(by the way, do you watch award shows? I almost always live tweet them with fun commentary. I'm a dork and it's a hobby. I might need a life. Follow on twitter to play along!)

I think this was the most sheer raw talent I've ever seen on stage at one time, out of all the concerts we've been to.
Ah-mazzzz-zing. Jaw dropping talent.

We had such a good time!

What was the last concert you went to?


Cathy said...

The last concert I went to was also Zac Brown Band! They were here a couple months ago, and they were amazing!

Jennay said...

I saw them both here in NC awhile back....loved both of their perfomances!! Blackberry Smoke was so much better than I had expected! So glad you guys had a wonderful time! =)

The last big concert I went to was Carrie Underwood {I took my niece and nephews}. They loved it!

I'm also a big fan of local music so the last person I saw live was Mike Garrigan {originally from the band Collapsis and formally from the band Athenaeum-both local bands in Greensboro, NC}! He played at The Broad Street Cafe in Durham, NC-a very nice and cozy little cafe. If you are interested in listening to some new tunes...you can listen to the whole album here: http://mikegarrigan.bandcamp.com/album/pillar-of-the-sun-3! My favorites are Water & Wine, Seminole Train, and The Elephant Rides Again!

Sarah said...

I LOVE Zac Brown. We have been to two of his concerts and will keep going as long as we are able! Love him and his music!!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

hi..i found you via hillary's story on the FOLK blog...i love your snow pics..fantastic !!! and then i got to the zac brown post and had to comment..i'm so jealous !! i love zac brown !!
what shows do you do ? we must be kindred spirits..(gee hillary wears our jewelry together ever day lol) so i'd love to meet up.