Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday. Life.

Lately life has been a bit boring. A bit monotonous. A lot busy.
Nothing really new or exciting, just... normal. It's our new normal, and I'm settling into it.
Embracing it.
The new normal is putting in more hours than I ever expected to. A blessing.
We're creating more jewelry on a daily basis than I ever could have dreamed! A blessing.

The most recent snow storm was so beautiful it literally took my breath away. Moved me to tears.
Put a lump in my throat. How great is our God. Gracious.

So much beauty.

Coyote in the field.

Fluffy kitty in the snow.

Now all the snow has melted. We've already started plowing our garden.
The Girl snapped this picture of a pretty blue bird outside our window yesterday.

This was our sunrise this morning.

As pretty as the snow is, I'm so anxious to see bright Spring colors again.
Colors invigorate and inspire me!

What about you? Do you prefer peaceful snow or vivid colors?


Sarah Caldwell said...

Beautiful post! I love both types - I love the quiet seasons, and I love the bursts of color too. :) Just FYI - I'm working on my blog post interview today - will send it to you when I'm done, hope you like it! :) Blessings!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

LOVE those pictures!!! Wish I could get bluebirds here, but they prefer country life. Those pictures blessed me!

Debby said...

Run kitty run. In Colorado they don't have outdoor kitties because the coyotes kill them.
On another more upbeat note your pictures are beautiful. Snow makes the world look so magical.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Debby, we do get a fair share of coyotes around but our two dogs tend to keep them out of the yard! And the kitties usually learn to stay close to the house. :)

Melinda said...

I'm a four seasons gal, so I enjoy
what each season brings. EXCEPT intense heat in the Summer.

M :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Your snow pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love the one with the coyote. We had so little snow this winter but lots of cold. I sort of like them both together! :)


Deb@Journey Thru ICE Syndrome said...

I'm most definitely a spring colors kind of gal. As much as I love Kansas, the snow and cold winds of winter is just getting to be a bit much for this 50 year old! But I must say, nothing beats a Kansas sunrise or sunset! Simply gorgeous!

Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

Your photos make me yearn to be a better photographer. You are really gifted with that, and I so enjoy seeing your beautiful shots.

We've had nothing but drizzly, cloudy days here this week. Lots of quiet time sewing away in my studio, thankful for each day.

Christina said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I do prefer the warmer seasons, though. :)
The pics of the trees make me think of Narnia.

merlin said...