Monday, March 18, 2013

Wide Open Spaces...

Over the weekend The Girl and I headed out on a road trip.
No where to go, no place to be, no plan in mind.

Just drive the back roads and see what we could find...

We had a full tank of gas.
Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, and George Strait in the speakers.
We had a sense of adventure. And Sonic drinks, of course.

This house was broken down and abandoned. The Girl wanted to go explore it, but there were too many thorns and barbed wires to even get close.

It was so good for the spirit!
We spent hours talking, laughing, singing, and just being lost together.


Sarah said...

How fun! I love unexpected road trips and I'm sure it was great bonding time with your daughter!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome way to spend the day. Your daughter will remember that for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Where were the old house pics from. My husband and I love to explore old towns.

Julie said...

Awesome photos! Love the old building dated 1880, those murals are amazing! Thanks for sharing.