Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bearded men wear sequins.

Over the weekend we took a break from work, farm life, gardening, building, and everything to go to Missouri and Silver Dollar City.

It was so.stinking.hot. and humid there. The water rides were a welcome escape!
The Baby was pretty scared at first... but he loosened up after a bit.

At times there were no lines at all, and no one else on the rides.
So we claimed them as our own.

The Baby as the train was getting "robbed".

Oh hey, big red barn!

Pretty container gardening.

One room schoolhouse.

Lambert's... so fun.

Driving through Missouri... we call these "marshmallow fields"!

During the evening show at Silver Dollar City, The Man got called on stage as a (not-so-willing) volunteer.
He was given a bucket of cowboy clothes and was told he would have a race with the female comedian to see who could get dressed fastest.
But to make it more challenging, they'd be blindfolded.
As soon as he was blindfolded, they switched the bucket so he was putting on the girl's clothes unknowingly!

We had such a good time, but today it's back to work.
Start the caffeine! I have a mountain ahead of me this week!
(also, some BIG exciting happy sunny news coming later this week!!)


goose said...

I love those bucket container gardens, those are awesome! I love metal in gardens! Nice pictures, looks like fun Beki!

Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

That looks like so much good, old-fashioned fun! Can't wait to hear what your big news is!

Melissa said...

Big fan of today's title!

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Love these pictures. On the roller coaster... can't tell if you're raisin' your hands praisin' Jesus, or if you're waving to us. Either way, I love it. ;D

LeAnna said...

We were in Branson that weekend, too! My kids are still too young for SDC, but it looked like fun. Beautiful weekend to go, the weather was so nice.