Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weeds, turkey, and 9 more things.

The other day The Baby and I took a little stroll around some of our property.
It's always fun to go with a camera and eyes wide open.

A few of the things we found:
1. Orange zinnias are blooming.

2. Honeysuckle climbing an old ladder.

3. Wheat, nearly ready to harvest.

4. Galvanized tub with red flowers... don't know what they are called.

5. Ladybug

6. Poppy Mallow. It's a "weed" according to The Man, a wildflower according to me.

7. Some other sort of weed. But it's pretty and flowering. Ahhh-choo!

8. Tree chair. A few years ago The Man cut a "chair" into this tree stump out in the woods. It has a back for support. So if you're in the woods and need a break, just look for the tree chair to take a much needed rest...

9. Barn paint.

10. The Baby picked a flower for me! Or he picked a weed... depends on who you ask. See item 6 above.

11. A turkey. We see them in the fields pretty often, but this brave little bugger strolled right through our yard.

Would you eat wild turkey? Have you ever? (me... no!) 


Stacee Noel said...

Me, yes! Yum Yum!

Hockeyfan25 said...

Wild Turkey sure! Love your first pic of the Orange Zinnia! Great shots! :)

Unknown said...

love living in the country!!!

.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

I feel like I just walked around your farm, too! So pretty! The red plant is red salvia or "scarlet sage". said...

I love red barns!

Anonymous said...

The yellow "weed" is salsify, or oyster-plant. The roots are edible, and said to taste like oysters. But since I don't like oysters, I've never tried it! This plants puts up a second stalk that makes those HUGE dandelion-looking seedheads (softball-sized). They are pretty!
And yes, I will/have eaten wild turkey, but it has to be prepared differently since they are much leaner than domestic turkeys.

sugarnuggets said...

In Ontario, the yellow ones are called Yellow Goat's Beard and the red ones are Salvia. So pretty in a tub!