Monday, July 22, 2013

Kansas - Land of Beautiful Girls

The other day we went to our friend's house.

And we learned that Kansas is the land of beautiful girls.

Girls such as... Jesse.



These girls each possess amazing beauty.
Such as... those natural waves.

Those lips.

Those eyelashes.

Those dance moves.

Those... well, we won't discuss those. But between you and me, I think she's had work done.

Miss Jesse says she just wants world peace. And a salt lick.

Girls, you were all lovely!
And our panel of judges had a really hard time deciding.
But the new Queen is..... Jesse!!



Debby said...

I love their faces. Yep, Jessie is the winner.

Dede said...

Great pictures of the girls! Love Herford's. We had a bull named Cuddles. Miss having a herd of cows.

Karrie S Combs said...


Forty Two East said...

Great photos! Love their wavy hair, and I kinda wish I had their eyelashes....ha!

Chad and Jody said...

Those girls have natural beauty. And, I'm afraid of them.