Friday, July 26, 2013

The obvious.

Today is all about stating the obvious.
Because my brain is mush.
Because I'm old and tired.
Because we were out skunk hunting late in the night.
Don't ask. There's a story there. We're classy people. Obviously.

One time someone said to me, "You and your sunsets! That's all you ever take photos of and share on your blog!"
And it made me a bit self conscious. But the truth is, we live in the country.
We don't go many places, other than for a walk most evenings. We see lots of beautiful sunsets. Obviously.

This is a pretty Kansas sunset. Obviously.

This is the one where I stood in the middle of the road, hoping not to get hit.
I didn't. Obviously.

This is the one where I turned my camera to get a different version of the same shot, still hoping not to get hit.
And I didn't. Obviously.

This is a sunset over a cornfield.

This is still a sunset over the cornfield. I took more than one photo. Obviously.

This is a different pretty sunset.

This is a slightly more intense version of that sunset. Obviously.

This is a peacock in a freshly cut wheatfield. Obviously.

Oh look! More corn in the sunset.

I need more coffee.


kate said...

I love that you came across a peacock. Beautiful photos.

Karrie S Combs said...

we could be friends in real life...this is how i talk all the time.

samsamqqqj said...

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gypsyelves said...

I was raised in Kansas but haven't lived there in 35 years, so I love seeing these pics! Reminds me a little of my childhood, on the farm, in Eastern KS. said...

I take a lot of sunrise and sunset photos too. Because we live in Kansas!! God paints His glory in the skies here!!!

Candy Caldwee said...

I love a good sunset. I'd take a beautiful country scene over some of the other things I see online! God paints the sky, how can you go wrong sharing that beauty!

Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

This made me laugh! People can be so *ahem* funny sometimes, can't they? I LOVE all of your photos, and especially those of sunsets. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, God-given photography talent with us. And your humor. Love your humor! :)