Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Winner winner Turkey dinner

The other day The Baby got a new hat.
That says "Winner Winner Turkey Dinner".

And funny enough about 10 minutes after he put it on, a turkey came strolling through the yard.

He snuck around chasing it. Stalking it.
Trying to catch it with his bare hands.

He didn't catch it.
No turkey dinner for us.
Just bologna sammiches instead.
Happy Wednesday!


Unknown said...

Aww perfect hat for the country life!! Every kid is a winner!!

Debby said...

What a cutie. I bet he had fun chasing the wild turkey. Those guys are so fast.
I am loving my new book by YOU. The necklace will be so much fun. Summertime for me is sweet tea and sunflowers. You did a great job. It's funny that I had just posted a sunset picture of a farm as I passed through Kansas last week. Great timing.

Deirdre Harger said...

Love everything about this story: The saying, the turkey, the chasing, the photos. Thanks for sharing.