Monday, August 12, 2013

School lunches.

These past few days we've been winding down our Summer break.

We had wanted to take our family on holiday this year.
Most Americans say "vacation" but I think I'm going to start calling it "holiday" just because it sounds fancy, doesn't it?
Anyway, we simply never found time.
And I've recognized the irony of needing a vacation so desperately, but being too busy to take a vacation. Errr, holiday.
But that's what this Summer has been for us. Just insanely busy.
Too much to do, too many projects, life has just been too nutty to take a holiday.
Maybe after Christmas we'll have a chance to go do something.

Yesterday we did our back to school shopping.
As I reached into my purse to pull out my card to pay, I had a flashback... remembering when The Baby was about a year old and we were in Walmart. And he was in the large part of my shopping cart, playing with all the things in the cart.
And he opened a package of ladybug shaped thumbtacks... and dumped them into my purse. I didn't realize it until I was at the register trying to pay and reached in to get my card and *ouch*!! I opened my purse wide and there were about 150 thumbtacks in there.

And now The Baby is going into first grade.
And now I'll weep.

My brain is drained. Scattered. Void. Neglected. Gone on holiday.

I'm needing ideas for the kids' lunchboxes.
A peanut butter or turkey sandwich is okay one or two days a week.
But I want the kids to have some variety.

So we need lunchbox ideas that are nutritious, varied, easy, affordable, and kid-friendly.
One of them won't eat anything that looks or smells like a fruit or vegetable (unless it's blended into a smoothie - texture issues)... no carrot sticks or apple wedges for that one.

I have a first grader, a sixth grader, and an eighth grader this year.

Do you have input for lunches for us?


Amy Alcorn said...

After about 2nd grade, both of my girls decided "ick" to cafeteria food and found myself in the same boat. So after a couple years of pb&j's, had to come up with something. So M,W,F are sandwich days--vary between pb&j, lunch meat, chicken salad or wraps--their favorite-slices of turkey, shredded cheese, bacon bits on a tortilla (microwave about 30 secs.) add a bit of ranch dressing and roll. Wrap in foil to keep warm.
T and TR are thermos days--soup, mac and cheese, peroigies, mini corn dogs, etc.
Yogurt, string cheese, a couple cookies (one to share), etc.
They would help the night before (except for thermos stuff or wraps) and Dad or I would write a note on fun napkins for them to see at lunch. :)

Mrs. S. said...

Burritos and wrap/rollups are a popular in our house. Also invest in a good thermos. Put hot water in it for 10 minutes, then dump it out, Put in your soup. Or put a baggie down in there and fill with warm pizza bites etc. My son then pulls the baggie out at lunch and has warm food!

Jennifer Gaines said...

I try to make enough dinner that there are sufficient leftovers for Cooper to take to lunch. I also keep homemade chicken noodle soup in the freezer, in individual portions, to heat up quickly and dump in a thermos. Today she had stuffed pasta in her thermos, an ice pack, yogurt and strawberries. A sandwich bag with crackers, cheese and pepperoni in a plastic container is also a favorite. Homemade "breakfast cookies" are also a big hit with her.

Sara said...

We have thermos' as well and my kids love eating the previous nights leftovers warmed up for lunch! Ours our Aladdin brand and my kids promise me that their lunch is still warm at their lunch period. My son won't eat a sandwich {wierd, I know} so I like to keep cooked chicken breasts on hand to send with him...either cold or hot. I cook a package or two in the crockpot overnight and chop them up and keep it in the fridge for days when we are out of leftovers or he didn't like last nights dinner!