Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thinking BIGGER.

We get so wrapped up in life, don't we?
Wrapped up in the busy. Wrapped up in the stress. Wrapped up in comparisons.
Sometimes we need to be reminded to think outside of ourselves, outside of our own little community... think BIGGER.

This week celebrates the 3rd anniversary of fashionABLE. To celebrate, they're offering 30% off all their products today through Friday.

fashionABLE's concept is simple. When you buy a product, you create jobs.
fashionABLE sells beautiful hand-woven scarves and leather goods made in Ethopia to create sustainable opportunities for Africans.

Bigger is not always better. But today, think BIGGER than yourself.
This is not really about charity. It's BIGGER than that.
It's about the deep importance and value that comes from giving vulnerable women opportunities for employment.

Every purchase is an investment into the life of someone half a world away. And that's BIG.
God is so Big!!

Happy birthday fashionABLE!


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I love smoked turkey and my Momma's sweet potato casserole.

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