Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Who told you that?

I touched on this the other day, but we are created to be encouragers. Light to others.
Lifter uppers, not bringer downers.
There is so much room in this world for every one of us, and each of our sets of talents.
We all have unique roles and we are required to fill them differently.

I could have a thousand supporters, but the one negative nellie that tries to bring me down stings so hard.
Why do we do that? Why do we let one negative outweigh so many positives?

When my kids come up and tell some story that is obviously wrong I would ask, "Who told you that?"

I have to sometimes stop and check myself, asking "Who told you that?!"
Who told you that you aren't good enough?
Who told you that you aren't smart enough?
Who told you you're a loser?
Who told you your'e a slacker?
Who told you you'll never succeed?
Who told you nobody likes you?
Who told you you're not pretty enough.
Who told you you can't do hard things?

Certainly not the voice of Truth. No, the voice of Truth tells an entirely different story.
Truth tells you that you are good enough, smart enough, talented enough, perfectly designed.

When you feel those negative nellies whispering behind your back, when you feel darkness and doubt creeping in, when you feel like you're not enough... stop and ask yourself, "Who told you that?!"

It was not the voice of God. His will only be uplifting and encouraging.
And His voice is the only one that matters.


Lindy said...

Amen Beki!

Unknown said...

this is awesome!!! so true..thank you for this blessing

do you still do the Fingerprint Friday?
would love to join in again