Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm Just a Girl - day 4

I am a lot of things: wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, stubborn, tender, dreamer, fierce, entrepreneur.
I embrace all the things that make me, but at the bottom of it all, I'm just a girl.
And I love the power and strength that comes with femininity.
So this week, I'm going all girly on you, talking about beauty products.

Day 3 is dry shampoo.

Confession: I don't wash my hair every day. With it so long and so thick, it just takes forever to dry, and I don't always have time.
So on days I don't wash, if it needs a little help, I grab this dry shampoo.

I've tried several drugstore brands, but Indie that I get from my hair stylist is the best I've found! It's also found on Amazon.

It's a light clean scent, not too perfumey. Just spray a light mist over the roots of the hair, and brush it through.

Now, dry shampoo will not leave your hair feeling clean. It actually leaves it a bit gritty.
It can be a great volumizer, like a sea salt spray.
It won't feel clean. But it'll look clean. And smell clean. (and I hate funky hair smell!)

I use this on the roots, then Moroccan oil mentioned on Day 2 on the ends of my hair, for shine and to revive the waves.

On days you work out, don't have time to shower, oversleep, or are on vacation at a cabin, just touch up the roots with Indie dry shampoo and you're as good as new!

Have you ever used dry shampoo? 

*not sponsored by Indie.


amy d said...

dry shampoo is a must in my bucket of hair products! i use kenra and love it!

Nicole said...

I use and love Aveenos dry shampoo.

Anna Angela said...

I have Tresemme, Psssst!, and Got 2b...hehe. I sort of went through a phase that ended when I realized dry shampoo doesn't work with my hair...or my massive oil-producing scalp. Thank you for pointing out that dry shampoo can be a volumizer. I'm going to try it!