Thursday, January 16, 2014


- I was pretty sure that life would slow down after the holidays but so far it hasn't much.

- I have frequent meetings with new brides for Emma Creek BARN. And I love it. I can't wait until they all have their weddings this year!!

- I wanted this for Christmas but didn't get it. Maybe I'll buy it for myself. I should have it, right? Thank you for enabling me.

- I've been working out a lot lately. Yay me!

- I've been dreaming of a tropical vacation, but it hasn't happened yet. So I switched to coconut coffee in the mornings to ease the pain...

- I have a dentist appointment today. Ick. Scary. Dentists and their staff and their tools terrify me.

- What is this?! Hot Dr. Pepper? I just don't think I could. But apparently it was a thing at one point.

- I still have rolls of wrapping paper in my studio from when we wrapped Christmas presents. Don't tell, okay? I'll get them put away eventually.

- My life is wildly exciting. Obviously.

- How's your new year going? Are you keeping your goals?


Barbara Wiggins said...

Hot Dr. Pepper. It's a thing and it's good...<3

Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful said...

Yay on the working out more!

Hot Dr. Pepper - 4th Grade, Girl Scout Camp in the mountains, with cinnamon sticks...very sweet!

My year? Trying to treasure what's truly far, so good :)