Friday, April 25, 2014


Do you struggle with feeling insignificant?
Small. Powerless. Unnoticed.
Like one tiny speck in the middle of a huge shore of sand. This little life - what does it matter?

Have you ever noticed the graceful curves of a tulip?
Have you ever listened to the melody of a stream?
Have you ever smelled the fragrance after a rain?
Have you ever looked deeply at the intricacies of a flower?
Have you ever stood in awe looking at mountains or an ocean?
Have you ever heard a bird's sweet song?
Have you ever turned your face to the sun and basked in it's warmth?
Have you ever gasped at the spontaneous beauty of a rainbow?
Have you ever wondered at a snowflake stuck to the window?

God inserted so much beauty into the earth, all for our enjoyment.
How much more beauty did He use to create you? Me.
Tell me again how you feel insignificant.

You are not. Your fingerprints, your freckles, your curves, the gap in your teeth, your tears, your ideas, your talents, your dreams, your hopes, the way you snort when you laugh, ... they all matter.
I hope you pause on that. I hope it takes your breath away, just for a moment. I hope you let it seep into your soul.
You are not insignificant.
You matter.


Ingrid said...

SO needed that, thanks!

emtdlb said...

Thank you for this-I am pursuing classes that none of my family except my kids support and it is so easy to feel down and discouraged. And satan is really busy telling me things I should not be listening to. I love your stuff-even in your down times you always speak to me. Blessings!