Thursday, May 01, 2014

Big. Large. Grande.

My kids are... kids.
It was only a few years ago that I birthed them. Three little tinies.
One of them is still The Baby. They're all still darling wee little things.
Tiny. Small. Adorable.

So how is it that the other morning The Boy told me at 6:30 am in a deep voice, "Mom, I need to wear my band outfit today. White shirt, black pants, black shoes."
Okay. So I had him go find the items.
His black band pants reached about half way down his shins. Didn't he just wear those things?! And didn't they reach his ankles at that time?
Oops. At that hour, there were no other options. They had to do.
And his black shoes? More than 2 sizes too small.
I told him to go to his dad's closet quickly and look for some black shoes.
He came out wearing these, saying they fit perfectly but they're awfully slippery on the hard wood floors.
Golf shoes.

I sent him back again, and he came back with dark brown, which we just had to work with.
Black pants, ankles exposed, and dark brown shoes.

And The Girl? She also needed a similar outfit. So she went to my closet and pulled out a black dress to wear with a white sweater. And my shoes.

When did these tiny children, these teeny little darlings, these itty bitty widdle schmoopie bear lovie bugs get big enough to borrow clothes and shoes from mom and dad?
How are they suddenly the size of grown up humans?
I don't know.
But I don't approve.

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Toni :O) said...

LOL! I get you totally! My son who is 15 1/2 just informed me that he has no grass cutting shoes to wear and he split his current size 13 shoes! So we get to go buy new shoes so his current ones can be used to cut the grass. I told him wear his rattiest socks in those cause the socks will get stained! Insane how they keep growing and bigger than us-how does that happen?