Friday, May 09, 2014

Evening work...

Our schedule lately is wonky.
We work during the days, but when evening hits we eat a quick dinner and head to work outside.
Work in the Barn. Work in the yard.
We've planted hundreds of flowers so far and have lots more to go!
We've spent endless hours pulling weeds, mowing, moving sprinklers. (someday we'll get an irrigation system... someday.)
It's been long and exhausting but so rewarding!

Lilacs are so lovely! I wish they lasted longer.

I can't take credit for the iris, but at some point on this land they were someone's favorite.
We have loads and loads of white and purple ones.

The birds are happy. The bees are happy. And all the pretty colors make me happy!

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Ingrid said...

So beautiful! I heard a sermon recently about how when God created this world he put Adam & Eve in a garden to care & tend it. It was God's plan for us to enjoy the outdoors & the beauty of his creation. I never thought about it that way, it was neat. We are moving soon & our life will change so much, city to suburb & a fully wooded lot to boot! I've been feeling a little guilty about it, leaving needs behind but feel like God is moving us for a reason. That sermon gave me lots of perspective & I am determined to enjoy the outdoors around us in our new home.