Friday, September 19, 2014

You asked!

Holy cow, y'all.... life lately. Completely nuts.
Last week I asked if any of you had questions. And I had every intention of blogging in the next day or two to answer them.
And now I'm finally getting to it.

Shelly asked: I am the only member of my family that eats guacamole, does your family share your passion for guacamole?
Ha! The Man and The Girl like guac. Not as much as I do, but they like it.
The Boy and The Baby don't like it. Which leaves more for meeeeee!!

Lynn asked: What made you decide to do what you do? How did Rusted Chain come to be? What advice would you give someone who us thinking about trying their hand at this??
Do what I do as in stamped jewelry? Or owning my own businesses? I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even as a kid when I played with playdough, I would be imagining my dough was actually a donut shop. I had customers lined out the door. And I was the boss. (I'm a wee bit bossy.)
I fell into the jewelry. It started as a hobby, just something fun for me. And then people started offering to buy my jewelry they saw me wearing. I began selling it on ebay. Then etsy opened and I opened a store there.
Then it exploded and became a full fledged business.
Advice: Being your own boss is one of the hardest things you can do. You'll work an unreal amount of hours. You'll get stressed and cry. But it's also one of the most rewarding things you can do! The sense of accomplishment can't be matched.

Kristin asked: Where in Kansas are you located?
Rural Kansas. Farm country. We're surrounded by crop fields, dirt roads, and Mennonite farmers. About 40 minutes North of Wichita.

Susan asked: Are your cuff bracelets adjustable for bigger wrists? Also, how do you order online? I was having a little trouble with the web site. Do you ever have items in retail shops? Thank you!
Yes, the metal cuff bracelets are fully adjustable! Order online at If you have problems you can email and someone can help you. We do have some wholesale items in retail shops!

Townsend asked: Why do we accumulate so much stuff?
Ugh! Seriously! I think for me it's lack of time. I'm not much of a buyer, not a hoarder. But there just never seems to be TIME to sort through and get rid of stuff!

AnnandBob asked: Do you have more coffee from Nicaragua? Or know where we can get some? It is delicious!!!!!
Yes!! Isn't it so good?! I drink it every day. I'll put it up for sale again on our Facebook page. All of the proceeds are going to help Oasis de Esperanza in Managua, Nicaragua! Love that!!

Melissa asked: Would you consider doing a virtual house tour? It would be fun to see your space. Also, what's your schedule like on a typical weekday.
Strangely... no. I'm very open about a lot of things but have always kept our house fairly private. I do expose a lot of my world online, but like to keep some things just to us. An average day: Yikes. Wake up at 5:45, breakfast, get the kids off to school, go jog, come home, shower, start work by 7:30 or 8. I work all day either in jewelry production, emails, phone calls, bridal meetings, marketing... Kids get home from school in the afternoon and we jump into chores and homework, while I'm still answering emails. Get dinner on the table. Most evenings I have more bride meetings. Then bed time at 8:30... which really means everyone is bouncing around until 9:30 or so. Bedtime NEVER happens on time, which is part of the reason I start it so early. I go to bed about 10-10:30, read, fall asleep by 11:30, and then start again the next day.

Trasie asked: What is your least favorite part of being a business owner? What is your favorite?
Currently the least favorite part is the lack of time and balance. I'm juggling 3 busy businesses and don't feel like there's ever time to just breathe. There's no girlfriend time, shopping time, relaxation time... it's all work, all the time. Ha! But... I chose it! Favorite: the sense of accomplishment! Who would have ever thought that I, with very little brains in my noggin, could run a business?! Not me, that's for darn sure.

Thanks guys!! 

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