Thursday, June 04, 2015

"What are you doing?!"

This is the question I keep getting, so it's time to talk about what I'm doing, I suppose!

Some of you have been following my weight loss/fitness journey. If you'd like to know how I got started, I first blogged about it here.

At that point I had lost 28 pounds.
I'm currently at 37 pounds lost.

I'm still not where I want to be, but I'm making strides, although they're slow.

I still like food. A lot. And I eat nearly everything I want. I just watch the portions and offset a few "bad" meals with more good ones.
Someone asked me if I have coffee and/or alcohol. Yes and yes.
I don't take any pills, no special shakes or drinks. I'm not selling anything.
I don't belong to a gym, don't have a trainer.
I also don't mind making a fool of myself.

What I am doing: Working my butt off. Or trying.

- I do a 1.25 mile wog (walk/jog) every morning. A lot of people online think I'm "running" but I have to tell you I'm not. It ain't pretty, what I do. It's just walk/jog intervals. I don't think I could run a mile to save my life if I had to.

- I run the steps & sidewalk in front of my house. Again, it ain't pretty. But it gets me sweating.

- Push-ups. Last year I started doing them against a counter top. Eventually I moved to the ground and did "girl" push-ups. Now I do about 30 "guy" push-ups. And recently a friend showed me inverted push-ups where my feet are up on a bed/step/ledge and my shoulders are toward the floor - WHOA! So I've added those as well.

- Squats. Weighted squats, jump squats, double squats. I change them up daily. They really are no fun, but my butt is thanking me.

- Kickboxing. I have no idea what I'm doing. But I have a punching bag and it feels really good to beat the snot out of it. It makes me sweat and I'm sore the next day so it's doing something good, right?!

- Crunches. Old school. 100-110 of them. (but to be honest, I've slacked on these lately. Need to get back to doing them.)

"Cardio Yoga"... this is a thing I made up. As I mentioned above, I don't mind making a fool of myself.
I know a few yoga poses called Sun Salutations. I don't know why, but one day I started doing them to a Kid Rock concert I have in my dvr. It's fast paced and I crank it up crazy loud. Not exactly yoga-ish.
It's not about the breathing and relaxing that you normally get with yoga. It's about getting a crazy sweat on and being a cowboy, baby. (heh... see what I did there?!)
20-25 minutes of this and I'm about to die. But I love it!!

So, that's what I'm doing. I get bored easily so I change the workout almost daily. I'm always looking for new things that will make me sweat.
I am still limited to about 30-35 minutes a day for my entire workout.

Some people are motivated by new workout clothes. I'm not, but I LOVE new music. So I'm frequently adding new songs to my playlist. (currently liking rap, R&B, and metal. Ummm, that's crazy. And not very me. But really fun to workout to.)

I'm seeing more muscle all over my body, but there's still a layer of fat over most of it that I want to get rid of.

Questions? I'll try to answer!

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