Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let's talk about food. Yum.

This is about my fitness/weight loss journey. If you're not interested, go ahead and clock out now. I won't mind.

I get so many questions and comments about food that I figured it would be easiest to blog about it here.
I keep hearing things like "oh please! You'd never eat that!" or "yeah right, like you eat..." and from internet friends who don't see me in person "just don't get too skinny and whither away!".

I eat. A lot. I big puffy sparkly heart food. For real! Food is the reason I got so big in the first place. (too much of it, anyway.)

So with my weight loss, food is my biggest struggle. I love food. Food & I, we go way back... (ha.)
If you were to ask anyone who is with me on a regular basis, they'd tell you that yes, I eat. "Normal" food, and a lot of it.
I eat burgers. (mmm, burgers.) And tacos. (mmm, tacos.) And donuts. (mmm, donuts.) And chips. (mmm, chips.) and Mexican food. (mmmmmmmmmm, Mexican food.)

I've been approached several times by companies wanting me to represent their brand in regards to fitness. And my response is "if it is diet based, I'm not really interested. I don't watch what I eat."
And that's mostly true.
I mean, I DO watch what I eat, to some degree. I don't count calories, but I'm very aware of what I put in my mouth. I glance at nutrition labels to have an idea of what's inside.
If I don't LOVE it, it's not worth the calories to me. If I take a bite or two of something and it's just "meh..." I push it aside. Not worth the sweat it'll take to burn it off.
Thinking of calories like a budget, if I take in too much one day, I'm gonna have to burn it off the next day. But if I have a particularly light day, I can allow myself to splurge the next day.

Surprisingly eating well does get easier and become more natural.
The other day it occurred to me what I'd eaten that day was all nutritious. I had had 5 almonds (always what I pop in my mouth before my morning workout, just to stave off the hunger pangs), a light Greek yogurt with berries in it, whole wheat toast, and a large salad topped with grilled fish for lunch.
I was like "Wait, what?! Who eats like that?? A healthy person, that's who!" .... None of those choices had really been intentional. They were just naturally what sounded good to me.
I had a burger for dinner and didn't feel the least bit guilty about it. (mmm, beef.)

My basic philosophy is to eat a little less, burn a lot more calories. I work out HARD. Really hard.
I realize that for everyone this doesn't work. For some who hate to work out, they have to watch the food a bit more. But for me, working out like a beast is worth it to enjoy food that tastes amazing.

Truth be told, if I really watched what I ate, I'd have lost a lot more weight by now. But for me, food is one of the great pleasures of life and I refuse to be miserable just to be skinny.

I haven't lost a pound in like 2 months. I'm a tiny bit frustrated about that, but I've also been seeing muscles that I never had, so I know that skews the numbers on the scale.
I'm stronger and fitter than I've ever been. I'll never be long & lean and I'm okay with that.

Life is short. Enjoy the guacamole. (mmm, guac.)


The Sieberts said...

you'll never be long and lean? haha. you look great!!!

Vicki Elish said...

Beki, your positively amazing! I know what you mean about long and lab. Some off is came with curves but curves are good edge there's lab, hard muscle underneath. You have inspired me!

Vicki said...

Oh and one more thing. Thank you for always keeping it real! Vicki