Friday, September 29, 2017

Be juicy.

A while back I stumbled across a group of women mocking me online. Not in a fun way, but with meanness & venom behind it. Nice "Christian" women. My "friends", I thought.

It stunned me. I'll admit it really knocked me down for a while. I was very hurt. "Am I really that awful?! Oh my gosh. Am I that annoying? Am I that nauseating??", I thought.

Then a few things finally dawned on me:

1) the mean girl tribe never goes away, no matter how old we get. They CHOSE to follow me & watch me.

2) I'm not everyone's peach, but I'm a perfectly juicy & ripe peach just as God made me.

I will shine & sparkle & leak happiness & sweetness & love into as many lives as God allows me to. I'm not everyone's flavor & neither are you, but don't EVER let that silence you. 🍑✨🍑✨

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